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Xyloquint the artist

Xyloquint believes that music has the power to bring people together and transcend language, culture, and boundaries.

Xyloquint is the musical project of Aram Kovach, a multi-lingual professional engineer and entrepreneur who has a passion for emerging technologies and innovative solutions. His music reflects his diverse background and interests, blending electronic, ambient, and experimental sounds with influences from various genres and cultures. Xyloquint’s music is characterized by rich textures, complex rhythms, and expressive melodies, creating a sonic landscape that is both captivating and challenging. Xyloquint’s music invites the listener to explore the possibilities of sound and technology, and to discover new perspectives and connections.

Some of the themes that Xyloquint explores in his music are:

  • The relationship between humans and machines, and the potential and limitations of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and smart contracts.
  • The impact of environmental and social issues on the world, and the role of music as a catalyst for change and awareness.
  • The fusion of different musical traditions and styles, and the creation of a unique musical identity and voice.

Xyloquint’s music can be found on his SoundCloud page1, where he uploads his original compositions and remixes. He also has a company website2 where he showcases his various, projects, and patents. Xyloquint is an artist who is constantly evolving and experimenting, and who aims to inspire and challenge his audience with his music.

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Professional Musician Bio

Aram Kovach, known artistically as XYLOQUINT, presents a unique and intriguing profile in the world of music. His background is as diverse as his music, with roots in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, where his father was a nuclear scientist and his mother a renowned opera singer. This mix of scientific precision and artistic flair has deeply influenced Kovach's approach to music, leading to a style that blends traditional elements with innovative techniques.

As XYLOQUINT, Kovach's music stands out for its eclectic mix. He skillfully combines various genres, creating a soundscape that is both familiar and refreshingly new. His tracks often incorporate elements of acoustic guitar, string sections, and violin solos, delving into themes like the beauty of nature, life's transience, and philosophical introspection. This blend of acoustic soft rock with thoughtful lyrics marks XYLOQUINT's music as both meditative and deeply personal.

What makes Kovach most intriguing to his audience is perhaps his multifaceted career and life journey. From his early experiences coming to America to his work as a Professional Electrical Engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, his life is a tapestry of innovation and creativity. This diversity is reflected in his music, which is not just an auditory experience but a journey through a rich and varied life.

In summary, XYLOQUINT's music is a reflection of Aram Kovach's diverse background, blending science and art to create a unique sound that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant. This unique blend, coupled with his fascinating life story, makes his music particularly appealing to a wide range of listeners.

For more information and to experience his music, visit his SoundCloud at XYLOQUINT

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Captivating VR Avatars

We can create visually stunning AI-generated AVATARS of you or your likeness that capture your essence and help showcase your music, leaving a lasting and memmorable impression on your fans. Our professional designers will work closely with you to ensure the artwork reflects your unique style and resonates with your target audience.  If you prefer never to age we can make you look like you did at any time and space and time become irrelevant in your musicl journey.  Your likeness can even be programed and made culturaly approapriate for any country.  

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